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CIAO! I’m Nina. A writer, a feminist, a traveller.

Currently living between London and Barcelona, I was born by the Adriatic sea, on my beloved Apulian coast.

Being born by the sea, is probably the reason why I always find myself wondering, looking for a new form in which I can fit.
“I am rooted, but I flow” Virginia Woolf once said in The Waves. Since I read it, I recognised it: This is me, and this will be my mantra forever.

I work as Qualified Holistic Nutritionist + Oriental Medicine (Ayurveda, TCM, Macrobiotic) Health Coach + Plant based and Cruelty Free Chef.
I write regularly for Italian weekly and monthly magazines.

Poetry, sun, sea, yoga, magic and my two cats. Can’t immagine my life without.

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